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Below you will find an overview of some relevant questions you might have before moving into one of our spaces.

If you are already living in one of our spaces, please go to the self-service customer portal to get in touch with us for repairs, questions, complaints, etc.

General questions

What is the difference between temporary licence and temporary rental based on the Vacancy Act?

Temporary letting offers the temporary tenant more security. A temporary tenant has a contract for at least six months and a notice period of 3 months. A temporary licence contract has a minimum period of 28 days, just like the notice period.

Can I make changes to the room?

You can furnish your space to your own taste with furniture. Do you want to paint a wall, hang an advertisement or make another change? Then you'll have to ask for permission first.

What are my responsibilities?

You treat the building and its immediate surroundings with good care and report it to us if there are any damages or disturbances.

Are pets allowed in the property?

According to our house rules, pets are not allowed.

Can I live together in a house?

This is certainly possible. Each resident then signs their own agreement. In the case of temporary rental on the basis of the Vacancy Act, every resident must be mentioned in the contract of the main tenant.

Can a minor child come and live with me?

No,it is not possible for a person under the age of 18 to live in the property, not even under the supervision of an adult. The reason for this is that we cannot offer a guarantee on permanent living or accommodation areas. We are not allowed to place minors in an insecure living situation.

What can I expect of Monoma?

Monoma offers adventurous living. They often have a large living space available for minimal monthly charges. If you have to leave a building, you will only be given priority for placement elsewhere if you have proven good behaviour. You can create requests quickly and easily via your personal portal; these are immediately processed by us. We are available day and night for urgent matters that cannot wait until the next working day.

What is expected of me?

The premises that are filled on a temporary basis must at all times remain as representative as possible. We expect a user to behave and feel responsible for the entire property. This also includes performing minor maintenance. We ask for your cooperation and involvement.

I am dissatisfied or have a complaint

If you have a repair request, or a compaint about your space you can contact us via the customer portal. If you have a general complaint, you can report it here.


Do I have tenancy rights with temporary licence?

No, you are not entitled to tenancy rights with temporary use on the basis of a temporary licence.

What is an income statement/IB60 form?

To be eligible for temporary rental, you are required to provide an up-to-date income statement. An IB60 or an IBRI is an income statement. This is an official statement from the Tax Authorities with your income data for a specific tax year. You can request an income statement (IB60/IBRI) from the tax authorities.

What is a 'extract BRP?

BRP is short for 'Basic Registration Persons'. Some clients value this document and request an extract from it. The extract is proof that you are registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database. There are also extracts from BRP with more information than the standard extract. For example, with previous residential addresses or nationality. Therefore, indicate what you need the extract for. Municipalities keep personal data of citizens (residents) in the BRP.

Why do periodic inspections take place?

During the periodic inspection, we ensure that the object is clean, intact and safe. You will always receive a message from us when we come by.